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BeachCulture 2020/07/01




そんなコナーが長年使用していたチャネルアイランズと契約解消し、新たに「JS Industries」と契約した。


Want to say an enormous thank you to @cisurfboards for supporting me over the last 16 years. I was fortunate to get my first CI around age 10 through @baresco and then worked my way up to a childhood dream of Al shaping my boards for around 2 years. His ability to transform feedback into board design to help me grow as a surfer was amazing. I clearly remember a few boards that took my surfing to new levels within a few sessions. Then I got to work with @mike_andrews3 who was all time and we gave birth to the Fred rubble and Fred stubble, A board that was borderline life changing for me. Then I had the privelage of working with a long time friend and brother in @mike_walter . As a relatively new shaper mike was fired up and had a nack for the “al rail” that I was looking for since he left. We had a blast working together which led to qualifying for the tour and a year at 7th on the CT. I can’t thank everyone at CI enough from Britt and his family, @scott_aka_ando all the way to @bcword who has worked for the company packing boards and ordering my boards for years. @seanlesh @nathaniel_curran The list goes on and you guys know who you are. It’s been a real pleasure and although it was a hard decision due to so many friendships, I’m very excited for the next chapter in craft.

Conner Coffin(@connercoffin)がシェアした投稿 –

ワールドチャンピオンのジョエル・パーキンソンやジュリアンウィルソンらの世界トップレベルのプロサーファーが愛用しているJS Industries。



GREENROOM co. が送る、ビーチにまつわる旅・音楽・アート・ファッション情報を配信するウェブマガジン

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トニー・アルバ「The Tony Alva Story」

BeachCulture 2020/09/28


BeachCulture 2020/09/20

オーストラリアで開催された「Tweed Coast Pro」

BeachCulture 2020/09/19